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Summary of money heist (La Casa de Papel) season one

Summary of money heist (La Casa de Papel) season 1

Money Heist" is a Spanish TV series made by Álex Pina with the first title "La Casa de Papel" (meaning the "The Paper House" in Spanish). The crime drama series was publicized on the Spanish system Antenna 3 at that point was overall discharged by Netflix hardly any months after the fact. From the outset, "Money Heist" was intended to be a restricted series which is just about the theft of the Royal Mint of Spain yet Netflix persuaded Álex Pina to create all the more new continuations because of its universal accomplishment on gushing stage. In 2018, "Money Heist" won 46th International Emmy Awards for the Best Drama Series. 

In this survey, I just talk about the primary season which is partitioned into two pieces of 25 scenes (13+9) since the subsequent season has not completed at this point. The audit contains spoilers so reconsider before perusing. In season 1 (season 1 and 2), the series presents a gathering of looters who have distinctive individual conditions that craving a great deal of cash. The pack is enlisted by a man called "Professor" who has been making arrangements for a  heist of the Royal Mint of Spain for a long time which seemed impossible to achieve. They need to possess the Royal Mint with Hostages and attempt to purchase time from the police so as to print new cash for themselves. In doing as such, they take no cash or the life of anybody and still become rich. Every one of part needs to pick a city name as his/her codename (Tokyo, Rio, Denver, Moscow, Berlin, Helsinki, Oslo, and Nairobi) and they are instructed and prepared by Professor numerous months prior to the occasion. [Spoiler] After scarcely any days inside the Mint and accepting outer course from Professor, the group effectively escape with 2.4 billion euros alongside the setback of three dead individuals.
the movie "Money heist" is highly addictive, it will keep you glued to your sits, with surprises, suspense, tragedy, excitement.

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